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Vision Exam

We do visual exams on infants, children and adults of all ages. We recommend the first exam on infants by the time they are 6 months old and earlier than that if a problem is suspected. The following are some of the things we evaluate in our visual exam:

  • Eye Health - we evaluate the outside of the eye and lid area as well as the inside of the eye. We dilate the pupils when the normal pupil is small. We recommend a dilated pupil exam for all diabetics and patients on particular medications such as: blood thinners.

  • Eye Teaming Abilities - We check to see how efficiently the two eyes work together as a team. Specifically we are looking to see if there is an eye, which drifts or tends to drift either inward or outward. We also evaluate the ability of the eyes to continue working efficiently together for prolonged periods of time such as: during detailed close work.

  • Focusing ability - Here we are interested in determining whether the eye is able to efficiently maintain a focus either on distance or near objects as well as changing focus from distance to near or near to distance.

  • Refractive state - We test to see if there is any nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism present.

  • Specialized testing - We also do a battery of specialized tests for individuals who have any problems in any of the above areas.


    For more information, send email to: staff@visiontherapyinfo.com