A Few of Our Success Stories

Adam, Age 26

"I notice a world of difference in the way I see. Tasks from driving to grabbing things, to catching things are much easier now. I wish I had done this earlier in life, so I could experience real vision a long time ago."

Caitlin, Age 8

"Caitlin has been in 'All Stars' in coaches pitch this year for the first time. She has really improved in many areas. She can ride a bike without training wheels (which was impossible before). Her grades have improved and she doesn't mind reading anymore. We are very glad we put her in vision therapy."

Rachel, Age 9

"Rachel says that reading is a lot easier. Before vision therapy, she would skip endings, words, and even entire lines quite frequently. Reading was just plain hard work and was generally avoided. Now, I see her pick books up and read for pleasure. Her reading speed and comprehension have increased tremendously. Thank you!"

Kendall, Age 6

"Kendall was not able to skip and had trouble with balance. It has all come together for her. She also has become more outgoing and willing to make friends."

Whisper, Age 8

"Whisper enjoys reading very much. She reads every day without prompting and is extremely proficient at it. Her clumsiness has decreased dramatically. When she is reading, she has no problem keeping her place. There is not any noticeable drifting of her eye anymore and words on the page are clear and without movement. Her writing has improved greatly. Her letters stay consistent in size and stay in straight lines, rather than starting small and getting big, and do not slant downhill. She was still writing some letters and numbers backwards when we started therapy but no longer has that problem. Her overall dexterity has increased quite a lot. Her hand-eye coordination has improved; as well as, throwing and catching a baseball and frisbee and riding a bike. She has less headaches and does not rub her eyes now. The transformation has been incredible and well worth the work. Thank you!"

Mitchell, Age 10

"Mitchell has performed better in school this year than in all four previous years of attending school. He earned a tennis award. He came in second place in the entire fourth grade in a tennis competition. I have been delighted with the reading progress as well. Overall, I have been very pleased going through this program and have seen great results!"

Abby, Age 8

Abby read poorly in school and at home. She would always tilt her head to one side when reading. She was not able to catch balls because of poor depth perception. The therapy program has greatly improved her reading skills. She actually likes to read chapter books now. She enjoys outdoor activities that require a keen sense of depth. We have definitely seen an improvement in her vision skills.

Slade, Age 17

When Slade first arrived he complained of bury vision, double vision, and seeing things up close. He had also been diagnosed with a reading disability. Slade had no problems if thing were at a distance like a chalkboard or street signs. 

Now after a year of vision therapy Slade says that "he does not have blurry and double vision anymore. That words are clear and single." Slade now reads more smoothly. And combined with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) his retention and learning skills have improved. His grades in school in fact have improved a whole letter grade or more! 


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